Twitter’s Best Jokes About Cynthia Nixon’s Bagel Order

Over Rosh Hashanah, Cynthia Nixon ate a cinnamon raisin bagel with lox and capers.

This caused a huge controversy (jokingly) named #BagelGate, going so far as Cynthia responding (she turned it into a fundraising opportunity for her gubernatorial bid).

Since we were OOO for the holiday, we’re back now, and rounding up our favorite tweets on the matter.

1. We’ve *tried* those bagels.

2. Too real.

3. Just no scooped-out bagels, please.

4. Maybe they are not open to new ideas!

5. Love a good bagel pun.

6. A good imaginary scenario:

7. It IS shocking.

8. Using “schmear campaign” from here on out.

9. Combining two scandals in one tweet:

10. It’s. Wrong.

11. But is it that bad?

12. … At least it wasn’t a blueberry bagel.

13. #Bagelgate is at least lighter material than the racist mess at the U.S. Open women’s finals.

14. AMEN.

15. Ok, at least she’s trying… 

16. A news cycle we would never like to leave, tbh.

17. Raisins = fake chocolate chip.

18. Time to leave Twitter? 

19. Gotta appeal to the Jewish vote:

20. Mystery solved!

21. Seriously unfair.

22. Cuomo will try and one-up Nixon.

23. But will it fix the trains? 

24. Seriously: will it??

25. Bagel twitter *is* the best twitter.

26. More like Opinions Week.

27. All the Jews missed the Great Bagel War.

28. Bagel Town = our new nickname for New York (much better than Jewtropolis, TBH).

29. Q: which will people remember? A: the bagel

30. It’s very New York?

In conclusion, this was a very niche but important Twitter moment that we missed because of Rosh Hashanah, but we are glad the #discourse is still happening. We’re gonna go eat some bagels now.

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