Who Jewish Celebrities Are Endorsing for President in 2020

From Billy Eichner to Sarah Silverman, here's who Jewish celebs are supporting in the primary.

Celebrities probably aren’t the people you should turn to when figuring out who to vote for in the 2020 primaries; however, their endorsement can have a large impact. (If you’re wondering where each candidate stands on Jewish issues like anti-Semitism and Israel, head to our guide.)

Here at Alma, a Jewish culture site, we were particularly interested in what Jewish celebrities had to say about their favorite candidates. Using social media and Wikipedia, we rounded up all the on-the-record Jewish celebrities who have endorsed a 2020 candidate.

Jump ahead: Elizabeth Warren | Bernie Sanders | Pete Buttigieg | Mike Bloomberg | Joe Biden | Amy Klobuchar

In order of most endorsements to least…


Elizabeth Warren

1.Billy Eichner, comedian, tweeted his support:

2. As did actor and musician Jack Black (have you heard him sing “Chad Gadya”?? go listen. Not the point of this article, but worth your time):

3. Comedian and actress Amy Schumer took to Instagram, posting this great illustration:


4. Actor Ike Barinholtz tweeted he can’t wait to vote for Warren, and she reminds him of Steve Harvey:


5. Actress and director Elizabeth Banks is on board:

6. Actor Ben Feldman attended a Warren fundraiser in Los Angeles.

7. Scarlett Johnasson, actress, told The Hollywood Reporter in September 2019:

 “Other Democrats have said to me, ‘Oh, it’s really early to back someone,’ ” Johansson says. “That kind of worries me because it doesn’t feel that early to me. I’m like, ‘Really?’ It’s disconcerting that there’s not a clear candidate at this time.” Johansson says she is supporting Elizabeth Warren. “She feels like someone who is thoughtful and progressive but realistic,” Johansson says. “It’s not like her campaign is making these crazy, outlandish promises that seem impossible to reach. There’s a strategy there.”

8. Director and creator of Transparent Jill Soloway signed this list: 50+ LGBTQ Women, Nonbinary Activists Back Elizabeth Warren

9. Actress Patricia Arquette tweeted that she thinks Warren is “pragmatic, responsible, and will work hard to get things done.”


10. Comedian Chelsea Peretti tweeted her support for Warren (& Bernie, but more Warren):

11. Actor Josh Malina signed a “Jews for Warren” list.

12. Not sure if this counts buuuuut… Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted at an Elizabeth Warren rally:



Bernie Sanders

1. Model Emily Ratajkowski has been one of the most prominent celebs working with the Sanders campaign. She even got her own video:

2. Comedian Sarah Silverman was for Bernie in 2016, and is back on his team in 2020:

3. Comedian Eric Andre phone banked for Bernie in Los Angeles.

4. Actress and model Hari Nef tweeted this still from Parasite with “Bernie 2020,” and has also spoken a lot about her support for Bernie:

5. Singer Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend has performed at Sanders campaign events. “If we can help out, sure,” Koenig said of Bernie Sanders. “I like to believe he’s less of a sociopath than a lot of people who want to be president, but it’s hard to be as excited as I was in 2016. That was the first time I felt deeply about a candidate.”

6. Singer Mal Blum called Sanders “America’s zayde” in their endorsement:


7. DJ Zedd (Anton Zaslavski) kept it simple:

8. Singer Mike Posner laid it out in very clear terms (he’s also performed a bunch for the Sanders campaign):

9. Comedian — and outspoken activistIlana Glazer endorsed Bernie, saying, “I am voting for Bernie in the primary. Elizabeth Warren is my hero; I wish there were ranked-choice voting. I have not been a Bernie head for a long time, but I feel that his messaging and delivery is most strategic for this primary.”

pete buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg

1. Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a big fundraiser for Buttigieg:

2. Actor Harvey Fierstein tweeted this link, which reads like a clear message of endorsement:

3. Actress Emmy Rossum posted an Instagram with Mayor Pete:


Bonus: Celebs who have donated to Buttigieg include Larry David, Cazzie David, Barbara Streisand, and Zooey Deschanel. Not sure what this means regarding endorsements, though, since none have spoken publicly about Pete.

Michael Bloomberg

1. Designer Isaac Mizrahi is featured in this campaign video:

2. Judge Judy, AKA Judy Sheindlin, has hit the campaign trail with Bloomberg. Here she is explaining her endorsement on The View:

3. Actor Michael Douglas is also on the campaign trail for Bloomberg.

In his official endorsement, Douglas said, “We need a sane and steady leader in the White House who will restore the dignity of the Oval Office and fix our broken government. Mike Bloomberg will get it done.” He also said some of his late father Kirk Douglas’s last words were: “Mike can get it done.” Okay, then!

4. Bette Midler tweeted her support for Bloomberg (even though she gave the maximum donation ($2,800) to the Warren campaign last summer):



Joe Biden

He has only one, from director Rob Reiner:


Amy Klobuchar

No one, sorry Amy!

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Header image of Amy Schumer by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Meteor Shower; Billy Eichner by Samir Hussein/WireImage; Sarah Silverman by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic; Eric Andre by Gary Gershoff/FilmMagic; Emily Ratajkowski by Jacopo Raule/WireImage.

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