Twitter’s Best Jokes About Michael Cohen’s Testimony

We’ve done funniest tweet round-ups about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ribs, the terrible bagel emoji, Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order, Paul Ryan’s “Jewish” ancestry, and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony, so it brings us great joy to add to this series a round-up of hilarious tweets about Michael Cohen’s testimony in Congress.

The Jewish attorney, who called his former boss (i.e. Trump) a con man and a racist, is finally testifying in front of Congress after pleading guilty to lying to them about the Russia investigation. And yes, Twitter is having a DAY. Let’s dive in:

1. The Christmas we never had.

2. There’s a Marie Kondo meme for everything:

3. Same sitch, right?

4. Who likes their own tweets???

5. #Sexy


7. I think you’re on to something…

8. The Spidey meme never fails.

9. LOL:

10. Lady Gaga’s tweets, ever relevant.

11. Seriously, what’s up with Jared Kushner’s voice?

12. They aren’t helping themselves.

13. Hmmmm…

14. Let it happen.

15. Not funny, just real.

16. Just add banjo:

17. Is it impossible?

18. K, truly, how bad were the scores?


20. Happy early Thanksgiving!!

21. Aaaand scene.

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